MFD Diagnostics GmbH

MFD Diagnostics GmbH

P.O. BOX 163, Newcastle N.S.W,
Australia 2300

AboutMFD Diagnostics GmbH

Our Principles:

  • The model has followed an aptitude test (characterization and special typification Phenotype)
  • The model is standardized and adopted to special analysing tests
  • We provide complete data according to your demands
  • The model will be conserved and can be reactivated at any time
  • We take professional care of your demands and make the tests compatible to FDA Part11

Our Services in:

  • Diagnostic assignment
  • Health monitoring
  • Sick animal diagnosis
  • Welfare diagnosis
  • Mock studies

Research and Development

Medical assignment

  • Pharmacological studies
  • Toxicological tests
  • Therapeutic studies

Our vision

  • We discuss your requirements and provide you with the model prepared by using the newest research, matching your exact needs
  • Perfect suitability
  • GLP
  • Reasonable prices
  • Secure and good valuation
  • High specification and quality
  • Plausibility
  • Fast and available