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AboutElekta AB

Elekta is a human care company pioneering significant innovations and clinical solutions for treating cancer and brain disorders. The company develops sophisticated state of the art tools and treatment planning systems for radiation therapy and radio surgery, as well as workflow enhancing software systems across the spectrum of cancer care.

IMRT - Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy

Elekta Synergy® has pioneered the introduction of a new image guided radiation therapy technique called the intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT).  With the introduction of Elekta Synergy®, image guided radiation therapy (IGRT) technique has touched new heights making traditional methods of radiation therapy seem redundant. This latest intensity modulated radiation therapy does not rely on assumptions about target location based on week or months old data. Elekta Synergy® with its image guided radiation therapy approach provides excellent precision and accuracy. IMRT - intensity modulated radiation therapy provides the accuracy to deliver highly complex dose distribution on modern linear accelerators. This way intensity modulated radiation therapy provides more precise test for accuracy agreement with measurements and precision repeatability of measurements of image guided radiation therapy. Intensity modulated radiation therapy is able to monitor an accuracy of 2 % and precision of 1%, as is the target requirement of image guided radiation therapy. The Intensity modulated radiation therapy is based on sparing the maximum healthy tissue from unintentional irradiation. Through image guided radiation therapy, margins placed around tumor are minimized adding to the success of IMRT. Through this first advanced multi-functional linear accelerator with intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and image guided radiation therapy (IGRT) clinicians are able to both image and treat patients in the same frame of reference.

VMAT - Volumetric Intensity Modulated Arc Therapy  

Elekta’s VMAT - volumetric intensity modulated arc therapy is currently the only fully digital linear accelerator with 3D volumetric imaging and advanced treatment planning expertise. Through this new intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) treatment technique VMAT spares healthy tissue and delivers target coverage and patient safety. Treatment planning for Elekta VMAT is similar to planning for conventional intensity modulated radiation therapy. Physicians have the choice of delivering VMAT - volumetric intensity modulated arc therapy using a single arc, multiple arcs, partial arcs, or a combination of them. Elekta’s VMAT - volumetric intensity modulated arc therapy needs shorter treatment time than other intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) techniques. Daily 3D volumetric imaging and fewer MUs are allowed with volumetric intensity modulated arc therapy. VMAT - volumetric intensity modulated arc therapy has helical-like IMRT conformity and dose distribution.

Treatment Planning Systems

Elakta’s new oncology brand redefines innovation. The company has been providing oncology treatment planning system solutions since the introduction of OSS. As a global radiation oncology provider, the treatment planning systems from Elekta provide both simple and complex treatment needs. Together with, Impac software and CMS software, Elekta oncology delivers integrated solutions through its treatment planning systems that inspire confidence in healthcare providers and their patients. Elekta offers a wide range of integrated solutions through its treatment planning systems of PreciseNET™, PrecisePLAN®, PreciseBEAM® and iViewGT™.

Precise Treatment System™ provides the complete solution as a treatment planning system, delivering speed, accuracy and resolution necessary for advanced clinical applications such as IMRT. The treatment planning systems of PrecisePLAN® support a variety of clinical treatment techniques starting from the motorized wedge. The accurate and reproducible target localization of Stereotactic Body Frame® offers the possibility of planning for dose escalation protocols. The Elekta International IMRT Consortium research into the scientific and clinical delivery of IMRT protocols further support the treatment planning systems. Consortium sites continue to research leading edge inverse planning technology for use in treatment planning systems with Hyperion, including radiobiological effect – to provide tools for second generation IMRT planning and delivery. Elekta employs user feedback on all its treatment planning systems which has led to the implementation of the Omni Wedge.

Linac / Linear Accelerator

The Elekta family of Linac / linear accelerators is robust and reliable systems designed for high accuracy and high intensity. Linac / linear accelerators from the company are intended for day-to-day clinical use and designed with patient’s comfort in mind. Elekta Linac / linear accelerators are built with a future-proof, open-systems and modular platform that allow advanced features and functionality to be easily added. Thus, Linac / linear accelerators are able to support new radiation therapy techniques such as Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), Stereotactic Radiation Therapy (SRT), Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) and Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT). Elekta provides comprehensive, flexible and robust solutions through its Linac / linear accelerator. These Linac / linear accelerator are suited for any clinical environment. Linac / linear accelerator and other solutions from Elekta ensure clinicians have the proper tools to fight cancer.