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Cardiology and Implantable Devices (CID)

Cardiology and Implantable Devices (CID)

With the latest technologies in Cardiac specialty, Trivitron Healthcare helps specialists with the latest technologies in cardiology and implantable devices to provide the best healthcare solutions at affordable rates. The cutting-edge, cost effective medical technology in cardiology and implantable devices from Trivitron is the result of joint ventures with Global leaders.

The cardiology and implantable device solutions for interventional neurologists and gastroenterologist include top-of-the-line technology solutions at all times. They are:

ECG equipment is available in 6 models those can serve five different purposes of ECG testing, namely iBeat1, iBeat3, iBeat3V, iBeat6, iBeat6V and iBeat12V.

Cardiology solutions include Click ECG, CLICK Holter, Cube abpm, Cubeholter, Cube Stress, Walk 200b, and Walk 400h.

Trivitron also offers Echo Cardiogram (Colour Doppler) of the models Prosound Alpha 6 and Prosound Alpha 7.

Aneurysm Coils include GDC Detachable Aneurysm Coils, GDC Soft Aneurysm Coils, GDC 2D Aneurysm Coils, GDC SR (Stretch-Resistant) and GDC UltraSoft Aneurysm Coils

Stents are Neuroform3 Stent System and Wingspan Stent System.

Micro Catheters are Renegade® Microcatheters, Excelsior® Microcatheters, Argon-Plasma Coagulation, and Excelsior 1018® Pre-Shaped Microcatheters

Guidewires are Transend Guidewires and Synchro Guidewires

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